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Mesa de Vida cooking sauces make it easier for you to live a healthier, more vibrant and delicious life – easily! Our sauces are a flavor base for endless recipe possibilities. Sauté, simmer, slow cook and marinate with our all natural blends inspired by vibrant cultures around the world. We provide the ingredients to help you bring more life to your table and promote a lifestyle devoted to health, real food, family and friends.

Health is on the mind of millions of families. They are looking for easier ways to bring healthier, delicious meals to the table and cook at home more often, but much of the time they have to turn to processed foods or expensive “gourmet” ready-to-eat meals.

Mesa de Vida encourages cooking whole foods at home, but is also there to support home chefs when they can’t cook themselves and don’t want to give up taste or nutrition.

Our cooking sauces are made only with vegetables, fruit, chef-blended spices, herbs, citrus juice and vinegar. Our sauces are gluten free, GMO-free, vegan, low in sodium, have no refined sugar. Our commitment is to use only pure, real, simple ingredients.

Our company has bootstrapped our way through our start-up costs and financing our first two sauce flavors. In the two months since launching we have begun ecommerce sales, as well as several grocers and gourmet stores have begun stocking our sauces and the feedback is incredible! The only advertising we are doing is through social media. With the launch of our next two eagerly anticipated sauce flavors as well as having more of a budget for outreach including attending national food trade shows, we believe we will continue to increase sales – and most importantly continue to make an impact on the quality of life and enjoyment around the dinner table for families everywhere!

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